Synbols is a tool for rapidly generating new datasets with a rich composition of latent features rendered in low resolution images. Synbols leverages the large amount of symbols available in the Unicode standard and the wide range of artistic font provided by the open font community.

Continuum supports most of the official datasets found in the Synbols repository: under the “dataset_name” argument, as shown next. You can also generate your own dataset (see

Here is an usage example for InstanceIncremental learning.

from continuum import InstanceIncremental
from continuum.datasets import Synbols

synbols = InstanceIncremental(dataset=Synbols("/my/path", task_type="char", dataset_name="default_n=100000_2020-Oct-19.h5py"))

We also support the domain incremental case. For example, for the “char” classification scenario, we could introduce a new font in each task:

from continuum import ClassIncremental
from continuum.datasets import Synbols

synbols = ClassIncremental(dataset=Synbols("/my/path", task_type="char", domain_incremental_task="font",